Agile Musing

I was at a LOMA meeting for work last week and was talking to a couple of other attendees about their Agile practices.


It reminded me of some early thinking I was doing back in the 90’s.  I was always drawn to doing things in what people now call an Agile way; but the first time I heard someone actually put words to what I was thinking was a presentation Jim McCarthy did at the 1995 Microsoft Global Summit in San Diego (I think).  I used to have the video on tape but it seems to be long lost at this point.  I found a couple YouTube excerpts but not the who thing.  He went on to write his book Dynamics of Software Development which elaborated on his 21 rules (I think the book has 40 something).  I remember liking his style…oh yeah…and the content was good too. 🙂

The Pragmatic Programmer is another book that put more meat on the bones of things that I was thinking or struggling with.  I consider this a timeless book unlike the Peter Norton’s Programming Guide to PC book (the pink shirt book) I recently came across in my archive.Norton

As I reminisce I am reminded about the Agile Manifesto which at first made me laugh but after that tickling feeling passed I took the simplicity and truth of it to heart.  I attached the image I keep on my desk here for posterity.


Not sure what the next Agile is going to be.  I do feel like there is something still missing that  I can’t quite put my finger on.  Hmmm.