When the Sh!t Hits the Fan

I am trying to get away for a two week vacation; which is in and of itself a challenge. You know the drill. In the weeks leading up to a longer vacation there is this tidal wave of work that needs to get done. Whether you are actually wrapping up work, handing it off or getting it to a state where it can wait until you get back. I am doing all three, as is usually the case. So by the time I leave on vacation I feel like I actually need one. Badly!

This week has been one of those ones where I have been doing all of the above and on top of it our source control system got hosed. I had a friend tell me that Mercury is in retrograde and therefore she was not surprised that this happened when it did. Not sure I understand, but I am sure feeling the pain. I think Murphy and Mercury are definitely related. So Tuesday I made the call to switch from our current SCC system to a new one – Team Foundation Server.

Only problem is that the new one has way more features than the old one. So not only do we have a technical switch over we need to do some quick and minimal process modeling to get the system up and running. We took the small company approach to this and just locked a small group of the more senior developers in a room and told them to bang this out together. Things are looking pretty good except that we are waiting for a license to unlock the crippled version of the software. So close.

Ahh, I can almost feel the sand between my toes…